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Taking the hassle out of getting your bike to your event.

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Official Bike Mechanic and Concierge

Let BEACON CYCLING take the hassle out of getting your bike to your event, and save money too!


* Have your bike shipped to BEACON CYCLING, 231 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ 08225. Beacon recommends BIKEFLIGHTS.COM or SHIPBIKES.COM At the same time arrange for return ship from BEACON CYCLING and include Return Label in your box.

BEACON CYCLING will assemble and transport your bike to your DelMo race venue.

* A BEACON CYCLING tent will be conveniently located at your DelMo race event where you can retrieve your bike.

* After your event, just bring your bike back to the BEACON CYCLING tent, and they will repack your bike in your box, and using your return shipping label, ship your bike back to you.

Service Fee is $275.00


* Your bike must arrive at BEACON CYCLING at least 7 Days Prior to race day!

* Your bike must have a return shipping label printed and enclosed in your box.

* We will box and ship your bike back to you within 7 days of your DelMo event.

Additional Information? Contact Mitch Rovins (609) 641-9531 ext. 12   mrovins@beaconcycling.com

Offered at the following events:

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