Run Course(s)

Women's Philadelphia Triathlon & 5K
Run Course(s)
Turn by turn directions:
  • Exit Transition: Run Out
  • Turn Left to run through north side of Smith Memorial Arch
  • Turn RIGHT onto Avenue of the Republic
  • Follow A.O.T.R. to Belmont Ave and Turn RIGHT
  • Turn RIGHT onto Horticultural Dr.
  • Follow to HD around the back of the Horticultural Center
  • Turn RIGHT up the path with the Gazebo toward the Reflection Pool (NOT FOR DU RUN)
  • Turn RIGHT to run around the pool (NOT FOR DU RUN)
  • Follow around the Centennial Arboretum (NOT FOR DU RUN)
  • Turn RIGHT to run back down the path past the Gazebo (NOT FOR DU RUN)
  • Turn RIGHT onto Horticultural Drive, follow past the Japanese House (turns into Lansdowne Dr.)
  • Follow LD past Kelly Pool
  • DU ONLY: Follow Lansdowne Dr. into “Swim Finish” Chute with swimmers into T1)
  • Turn LEFT onto Jogging Path
  • Follow Jogging Path to Sweetbriar Lane
  • U Turn onto Sweetbriar Lane to the Finish